An Ash for an Ass

We start this week with dueling work out scenes, Kenya is at the gym working out some of her aggression and Phaedra “the original badonkadonk” is doing a photo shoot for her video packaging.  Of course, Kenya tells her trainer about the video deal and Phaedra’s refusal to pay her, because we can’t let it go and we have to tell everyone we come into contact with.  I’m sure by now Kenya’s mailman and cable guy know about this travesty.  Phaedra comes bouncing out from behind her wardrobe scrim in a less than flattering green unitard, lookin’ like a green bean.  She hops and twirls around and barely gets any air, which makes me chuckle.  We toggle between Kenya’s intense workout and Phaedra’s fluffy, x-rated at times, photos.  For all the money Phaedra isn’t paying Kenya, Ms. Parks needs a stylist…there, I said it.


Kenya has invited Porsha to meet for lunch and Kenya tells the waiter to remove the knives from the table.  Kenya, the only crazy bitch launching over a table in a restaurant with a butter knife is YOU.  Kenya talks about her issues with Phaedra and she wants Porsha to hear her side of the story.  Porsha is clearly annoyed because Phaedra has nothing to do with the fact that she and Kenya have not gotten along.  Porsha isn’t going to get into a “he said, she said” conversation (Kenya being the “he”).  I have to give Porsha props for staying out of it and seeing that Kenya is up to her usual shit, which is trying to win unsuspecting housewives over to her side.  Our resident twinkie housewife is unflappable in her position and since Kenya doesn’t get her way, she insults her by saying she can’t have a woman to woman conversation because there isn’t a woman in front of her.  They both get up and leave while arguing, pissing off all the other customers in the joint, namely two men at the bar just trying to get through their workday with a lunchtime cocktail.  Porsha is pissed that Kenya and her ashy feet drug her away from a scintillating episode of “The Maury Povich Show” for this tired crap.  Kenya throws some insults back, ripping on Porsha’s wedgie sneakers, green eye shadow, and Diana Ross hairdo from the 1950’s.  At least she has lotion for her ashy issue, but apparently, she hasn’t implemented that solution.

Nene and Gregg are at a furniture store to look for accessories and Nene asks the owner of the store if he would come out and do a personal consultation.  So much for watching her budget, Nene oozes over alpaca goat hair ottomans and monkey statues.  Gregg tells him to “come by tomorrow, bring two pepperoni pizzas, and we’ll give you a budget of $300…make it happen!”  They all laugh like it’s the funniest shit they have ever heard, but I have to think the store owner is laughing at them.

Cynthia has met with Cy, a pageant planner, because she wants to coordinate a pageant to keep the hopes and dreams of aspiring wannabes alive, and to turn a quick buck for the agency by squeezing $1,200.00 out of each contestant.  They check out a venue for the pageant and Porsha joins them to help Cynthia because Kenya “doesn’t know how to hold it together in a public arena.”  NO SHIT SHERLOCK!  Cy thinks the venue is too big and they would just be setting themselves up for failure.  No Cy, the venue is not the problem.  The problem is that Cynthia has lined up ZERO contestants and she has named the pageant “Cynthia Bailey Presents Miss Renaissance 2012.”  Let the freak fest begin.  Cynthia appoints Porsha to be her “check list girl”, because she has no job and has nothing to do anyway.  Now, now Cynthia, we know Porsha has had a rough year adjusting to being a stay at home wife with no children.  Aside from that cutting remark, wasn’t Cynthia touting the pitfalls of mixing friends and business last week?  Subtle foreshadowing of another blow up.  Porsha offers to sing as the entertainment and I beg of you Bravo, not another housewife single.

Kandi meets Porsha, her friend Shamiya, and Cynthia at a Moroccan place called the Imperial Fez.  They talk about belly dancing, booty dancing, and then Phaedra arrives just in time for Cynthia to segue the convo into the donkey booty video controversy.  Phaedra is calm, she has it all goin’ on and her plan is on track.  Porsha tells the gang about her lunch with Kenya and Kandi is boggled as to why the eff these two keep trying to talk, they need to accept that they hate each other and call it a day already.  Cynthia talks about the pageant and how Porsha volunteered to sing, Porsha describes her singing voice as Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, a mixed “congloberation”.  The girls want her to sing a bit, but she makes excuses, then finally sings two words and then the belly dancers come out with some loud music playing, sparing all of our ears.

Kenya is hitting golf balls and Cynthia arrives dressed like Russell Simmons and starts dishing about all the negative comments that Phaedra has made about Kenya.  I’m not sure why all of the sudden Cynthia is on Team Kenya, but she has just served up a shit martini, shaken and well stirred.

Kenya meets up with Lawrence, Housewife Team Jumper, for a drink and she starts up on Phaedra.  Lawrence doesn’t seem surprised and advises Kenya not to talk to Phaedra about anything.  He claims Phaedra threw shade on him one time by saying she didn’t like men in heels.  Oy, however Laurence fires back by saying Phaedra “is not up to par with what she should look like as a woman of 2012.”  Dayum!  Kenya plans to nip the Phaedra feud in the ass and keep it movin’.

Nene is launching a shoe for Shoedazzle and all the girls show up for the event.  As the gang trickles in, we see Kenya and Lawrence plot on the car ride over.  Kenya is wearing an outfit, which pays homage to Phaedra’s thong bikini outfit in Anguilla.  Kenya has taped some butt pads to her ass, I guess to insinuate that Phaedra pads her ass?  Who the f*ck knows, but Kenya belongs in a padded room.


The ladies all get a good laugh and Kandi explains to Phaedra that she is being mocked.  Phaedra tells the camera “she’s just not normal, somethin’ in the buttermilk ain’t clean.”  What was your first freaking clue, counselor???Phaedra-OhLawd

Nene is loving every sick minute of this and she coaxes Kenya to “clear the air” with Phaedra.  Kenya and Phaedra go at it, discussing what Phaedra said about the chemical imbalance and drinking problem comments, which Phaedra owns up to and adds that she said those things right to Kenya’s face.  Poor Porsha is begging the waiter for mass amounts of wine to get through this night.  If anything, these two nut jobs are gonna Porsha a drinking problem!  Phaedra and Cray Cray continue to argue and everyone is just shaking their heads and laughing.  Kenya comes at her with both butt cheeks “you shouldn’t be doing a work out video, because your body ain’t there.”  Kenya says certain things like that just shouldn’t be said (right after she said it!).


What do you think?  Does Phaedra have a Phine Booty as her video cover suggests?  Y’all saw her in that heinous green unitard, can we say “heavily airbrushed midsection”???



Looks like next episode, Walter makes a reprise, Bedroom Kandi goes Gospel, and Kenya’s full-of-shititis flares up.

HAM Booty


Cynthia is judging at the big time Bronner Brothers Hair Show, hair is everything, mmm hmm…work it girl.  Kenya arrives and she and Cynthia appear to have bonded over their disdain for Phaedra and they are acting civil, for now.  Kenya discusses her plan for a Stallion work out video with Cynthia, Lawrence, and Derek.  She garners their support and says in a voice over that she doesn’t need an army of people to cram on 10,000 pairs of spanx.  I guess she is implying that Phaedra does that, which conjures up a memory of the first reunion where Phaedra appeared.  Her spanx were so tight she couldn’t breathe and she almost passed out.  Kenya may not need spanks for her booty, but her ego could use a pair.

Nene and Gregg are babysitting Bri’ Asia.  They attempt to assemble a cradle, but it’s like the blind leading the blinder.  They move the pieces around, lose the screws, and then scrap the idea completely and opt to fawn over the baby and check to see if she pooped.


Kandi is getting her hair did by Derek J. and he gives her the straight scoop about the booty video wars.  Kandi says “you dayum lyin’!”  She tells the camera that Phaedra will go “HAM BURGER on her [Kenya’s] ass”.  I love how Kandi wants to stay out of it, but immediately whips out her cell phone and calls Phaedra to expedite the impending drama.  Phaedra handles it in stride and says nobody wants “no six flags scream machine booty with all those lumps and umps everywhere.”  She throws in a bath salts comment for good measure and they hang up.  Kandi tells Derek she will bring it up “nicely” to Kenya to get her side of it.  Way to stay out of it…Derek says the lesson learned here is, do not tell Kenya what you are doing!

Cynthia is in a grade school gym conducting a walk off with children for an upcoming fashion show she is organizing to benefit children with HIV.  Phaedra and Apollo show up with Ayden, but Cynthia doesn’t have a lot of confidence in Ayden’s runway walk, or lack thereof.  Put a Thomas the Train cake at the end of the runway, he’ll do just fine.  Porsha also shows up and blows smoke up Cynthia’s ass about how great she is, but as soon as they walk outside after the practice, Porsha busts out the “I told you so” in her own special way.  They chat about the booty video wars, but Phaedra seems none too concerned, there is no love lost between she and Lifetime Movie Crazy.  Porsha is a bit pissed that Phaedra was “Team Kenya” Anguilla and wants to hammer home her “told you so” point.  Phaedra writes off Kenya’s Anguilla behavior to being drunk, then we cut to Phaedra telling the camera that Kenya drinks like a fish and then acts like a fool, which is indicative of a problem.  Phaedra tells the girls that she thinks Kenya has a chemical imbalance and may be bi-polar.  And away we go…I sense an insult hurling match coming on at the reunion.  Hang on to your wigs and spanx!


Kenya brings her dog Velvet and Kandi to visit one of Kenya’s production designers so that Kandi can get some red plexi-glass for Riley’s room.  They happen across a piece of the donkey booty set and Kenya discusses all the exhaustive pre-production work she did.  They get into the details of the Stallion video and Kenya explains she plans to take the distribution deal she secured and Kandi calls her a bootlegger.  Tim, the production designer, is so annoyed with this drivel, he excuses himself to go do some real work, which he should have done about four minutes ago.  Kandi winds it up by telling Kenya to have a conversation with Phaedra about the whole mess.  Way to not meddle, Kandi.

Not to be outdone, Phaedra is meeting with “Watch it Now”, which is a firm who produced videos for her good friend, Jane Fonda.  After the gratuitous name drop, Phaedra explains a bit more to the directors about the donkey booty concept and Apollo demonstrates some moves.  For some reason, he decides to do hip rolls and it appears a bit x-rated. 


They all get a good laugh and the producers are on board.  Phaedra says she is so glad that they aren’t going to “chug down a liter of vodka, twirl around in a circle, scream obscenities, and run out the room at the end of the meeting”, À la Kenya Moore.  Dayum Phaedra, two weeks ago you and Kenya were BFF and now you are going at her hard.

Porsha and Phaedra meet for coffee, they are dressed alike and can’t stand Kenya, so they are already bonding.  They talk about pregnancy and marriage and Porsha says she had a difficult time over the last year adjusting to being a stay at home housewife.  Wow.  Just.  Wow.  I will give you a moment to re-hinge your jaw.  Porsha wastes no time throwing out the Kenya card and Phaedra throws more shade and admits that Kenya has been manipulative.

We cut to Cynthia’s “Runway Red” fashion show.  The girls show up one by one and Cynthia and Phaedra engage in a spelling bee in front of Ayden so that he doesn’t hear any trigger words, like R-I-D-I-N-G T-O-Y, S-I-P-P-Y C-U-P, and G-U-M-M-I B-E-A-R-S.  Really, ladies?  The show starts and all the kids do really well.  Apollo walks down with Ayden on his shoulder, but Kenya isn’t smiling.


She is seething over the fact that Phaedra is all BFF with Porsha.  Backstage, Kenya, who is dressed like your grandmother’s couch, chews Nene’s ear about not getting any back end from Phaedra.  Nene strokes her ego as well and loves the stallion idea.  This show should be called “The Real Shit Stirring Housewives of ATL”.


Phaedra bops her booty up and everyone becomes silent, “what did I miss?” she asks.  Without an ounce of hesitation, Kenya tells her that she is making a Stallion booty work out video.  A post fashion show glare off ensues as the group discusses the pros and cons of stallions and donkeys.  The ever cool as a cucumber Ms. Parks says “well imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  Kenya thinks Phaedra is suffering from “full of shit-it is.”  I bet Kenya is a carrier, and on top of it, she looks like she would smell like taco grease and ass cheese.  Apollo calls Kenya a “biter” and she doesn’t know what that means, so he clarifies that it’s a “copycat.”  In that case, Kenya will be “copy catting all the way to the bank.”  Kenya does her signature move and twirls out of the room.  Don’t let your mouth write a check that your fist can’t cash, “Miss Ratchet U.S.A.”

In Through the Out Door

Nene is getting situated in her L.A. rental home and Krazy Kenya was kind enough to send Nene some of her old furniture she put into storage when she relocated from L.A. to Atlanta to be closer to her fake ass boyfriend, Walter.  Note to Kenya:  EPIC FAIL.  Nene is hoping that Kenya has better taste in furniture than she does men, but it appears to be peeing lawn statues and large, ornate furniture.  Nene brags about her new neighbors in the Misogynist Estates HOA, Mel Gibson and Larry Flynt.

Meanwhile, Riley and Kandi make a cake for Todd’s birthday.  Kandi tells Riley a bit about the big party she planned for Todd including a helicopter ride.  Riley wants the same big festivities for her sweet 16 and also mentions that she has her sights set on moving into the guest house.  Kandi gives her a little lecture about being out of touch when it comes to the value of money.  Props to Kandi for “keepin’ it real”, and once again, this is why she will always have enough green in her bank account unlike a certain former housewife we affectionately call “Wigs-n-Smokes”.

Kenya is “making dinner”, which is a box o’ salad and some watermelon, for her Aunt Lori and Cousin Che.  Aunt Lori cuts to the chase and wants to know what is up with Walter.  Kenya breaks the news that it’s over and Lori comments that she found the Anguilla “shower-gate” situation troubling.  Cousin Che throws out the gay card and doubles down with a toupee accusation.  But wait, she goes for the trifecta and reveals a juicy nugget, which is that Walter had hit on her back in the day.  Lori says he must be a womanizer misogynist, but encourages bunny boiling Kenya to get back on the horse.


Kenya is however, ready to get on the donkey, and she focuses on her collaboration with Phaedra and Apollo on the donkey booty workout video.  They talk about staging, the butt-cam, and Phaedra demos the “funky donkey” move.  Kenya announces that she dropped Phaedra’s name and secured a distribution deal, but Phaedra finds it a bit presumptuous that Kenya did this.  Strike one.  Kenya has mapped out a budget of $100K and mentions that she has put in six weeks of pre-production even though she’s not being paid yet.  I smell the foreshadowing of a feud.


Gregg is chauffeuring Nene to her first day of work and they chat about Gregg filling the role of Mr. Mom.  Nene explains that she has a hard time delegating and letting go of control, but she needs her “eye of the tiger time” on work days.  Nothing too exciting here, except the evolution of Nene.  From being a toothless stripper with a bad wig to a role on a sit-com with her own trailer at Paramount Studios.  A hearty “BLOOP” and a “PLONK” to you Miss Nene!

Phaedra and Apollo meet with their own legal counsel to discuss Kenya’s inflated production plan and the lawyer comments that Kenya was to have a revised budget to him today, but has not seen it.  Strike TWO.  Kenya comes in wearing her black power dress from the Jacklyn Smith K-Mart Collection, while Phaedra’s lawyer hovers outside the door with his ear to a glass on the wall.  Kenya states that if she isn’t getting paid an up-front fee, she wants 10% on back end.  Phaedra squashes her and says that she already talked to Todd, who also works in production, and he can handle the video for ¼ of what Kenya proposed.  Strike THREE and cue gratuitous eye roll.  Kenya has worked on multi-million dollar films and states that her cut is usually 50%, to which Phaedra says “from who???”  Apollo gets in on the action and says “you actin’ like we dead fish, but this video gonna sell beau coup boo coo copies!”  Phaedra offers another demonstration by turning around and shaking her ass, “I’m sittin’ on a pot o’ gold right here!”  Then Phaedra rattles off some ill-conceived analogies about Chef Boyardee and Obama and caviar and Ayden.  Huh?  Cue eye roll again.  Kenya storms out and rants about how little they expect to pay her, heck she can barely buy a pair of shoes, and everybody knows…Kenya only wears $1,000 shoes.  Better to dig her heels in with?  That just makes her financially irresponsible.  Back in Phaedra’s office, Apollo asks her what happens to their friendship if the deal goes south and Phaedra says “the good thing is, we haven’t been friends that long.”  Ultimately, Kenya thinks if she can back door Phaedra and have intelligent convo with Apollo, she can get the project back on track and secure her back end.

Kandi and Todd leave for his 39th birthday festivities and they go on a helicopter ride around Atlanta.  Phaedra is at the restaurant setting up as the other friends arrive.  Porsha gets a slim showing this week and once again appears ditzy.  She is looking at a collage of Todd’s photos and she says she is looking for a picture of Kandi when she was little.  Phaedra breezes by, “it’s not gonna be there, it’s his burfday.”  Duh…  Kenya corners Apollo about the derailed donkey booty video and Apollo makes tactical error #1, he agrees with her and says that “Phaedra is the problem”.  Ooooo, eeeee, oohhh, bad move my dude.

Todd and Kandi finally arrived and they are dressed for a white party.  Kandi gives some brief words and explains that the lion cake represents how they met in Africa and how it was also their one year anniversary.  They join TMI kissing club as Todd sloppily lays one on her.  Kenya wastes no time and sidles up to them under the pretense of wishing Todd a happy birthday, but then proceeds to interrogate Todd about his discussion with Phaedra about the video production.  Kandi basically tells her, I love you like cooked food, but knock your shit off before I f*ck your ass up, it’s Todd’s birthday.


After all the scuttlebutt, we shift to Cynthia at the Bailey Agency of Coochie Crack.  There is a sign on the door stating that the Donkey Booty Video casting has been postponed until further notice.  Kenya shows up and she is sick and has lost her voice, which may work to our advantage this week, because this bitch is ready to throw down bath salt style over the donkey disagreement.  Cynthia and Kenya talk all things Phaedra and Cynthia explains that Phaedra tweeted something about this casting call without her knowledge.  Cynthia does casting calls for a fee, but has no intention of doing pro bono work.  Kenya spills her woes over the payment disagreements with Phaedra and gets Cynthia in her corner.  Phaedra arrives to face the two angry spice girls, and Cynthia sets Phaedra straight, no shirt, no shoes, no friend contract, no casting service, unless Parks coughs up some green.  Kenya doubles down and blasts Phaedra about not giving her a cut on the back end.

Cynthia-Set it strait

Cynthia makes a funny about how it’s a donkey booty video and you would think they would have covered the back end.  No, ifs, ands, or butts…this back end is wide open, and it’s inflamed with the fire of $1,000 shoes.  Phaedra says Kenya doesn’t deserve to be paid anything and Kenya says the whole thing has made her sick and she twirls out the door.  Phaedra says that Kenya is as crazy as a bed bug and their partnership has come to a grinding halt.

Seriously ladies, have we learned nothing from the “Tardy for the Party” debacle?  Get your shit hammered out up front so there isn’t any of this back door dealin’ bull shit.  I have to give Cynthia props for shutting down Phaedra like a tilt-o-whirl that has missing parts.  I’m a bit surprised at Phaedra, but perhaps this is her way of edging Kenya out of the deal and making sure the crazy paws stay off of Apollo.  Next week looks like a real barnburner as Kenya announces plans to release her own workout video.

Hook, Line, and Sink Her

We open with Nene, who found out her son was having a baby when she ran into his girlfriend who was six months pregnant. Apparently, her scallywag son, Bryson, forgot to relay that small life detail to his mother. Big stuff poppin’, little stuff droppin’. Anyhoo, Nene is now a “Glam Mother” and she couldn’t be more pleased about having little Bri’ Asia in her life. Nene hopes it will bring some stability to her otherwise troubled young son’s life and I hope she will re-think that unflattering brown jumpsuit that is making her look like a bag of creamed corn. Nene tells Bryson she was the same age (21) when she had him, but Bryson has no plans to settle down just yet. He wants more children, but never plans on getting married because he’s a straight up G! Way to go Bryson, now just don’t get pinched stealing diapers from Wal-Mart.

At Casa de Kandi, Riley is doing some homework identifying idioms. Todd is in the kitchen making a snack so tasty, it makes him dance. Kandi is living her picture perfect life and Riley is slowly adjusting to the likes of Todd.

Kenya meets her aunt Lori to knock back some wine and whine about Walter. Dump his ass already. Oh wait, that’s right, you need him to remain relevant on this show so you don’t end up like She by Shereé. Kenya tells her aunt about a WTMI creepy shower incident in Anguilla. Kenya was in the shower, all soaped up, Walter joined her, but he didn’t get “fresh” the way she would have expected. He soaped up, rinsed off, and left and went to sleep. Kenya turns on the water works, but aunt Lori’s keen sense of relationship acumen is working overtime. Something ain’t right and Kenya should follow her intuition. I really hope Kenya’s intuition tells her to get off TV and be gone with the crazy wind.

Porsha and Kandi go furniture shopping and Porsha doesn’t look at price tags, but Kandi prefers to “ball on a budget”, which is why she will always be rich and wiping her dogs ass with dollar bills. They discuss prenuptial agreements and Porsha reveals that she doesn’t have one. Somewhere in Atlanta, She By Shereé’s air mattress just popped. Porsha says she would be heartbroken if she and Kordell split, that she would be like Tina Turner and only ask for her name. Ahem, then she says “Just give me my name, Porsha Williams.” Earth to dumb ass…you don’t have to ask for your MAIDEN NAME. Obviously, Porsha’s story line will continue to be ditzy spendthrift without a prenup. Their talk turns to Kenya and Porsha asks for advice. Kandi advises her to ignore Kenya and just do her own thing. WORD.

Cynthia meets with Nene to see the glam baby and go shopping for ridiculously over-priced baby outfits. Cynthia suggests Nene have a “sip-n-see” a la Ayden Parks, but Nene will leave up to the mama. It is in this scene we find out that Nene had a DNA test done, which was actually smart considering that Nene is very rich, bitch. She’s got to protect her family, but who will protect Nene from herself as she asks the sales woman for Louboutin baby slippers!?!?


We hobble over to Kenya again where she preps for a photo shoot for KRAVE Magazine at boxing ring. She explains that KRAVE is a “male eye candy magazine” and that everyone wants to see her hot ass, except Walter the dud. The hair and makeup team assembles an angry bee hive on her head and they start spackling her face. Kandi pops in long enough to drop off the solution to Kenya’s barely breathing boyfriend woes, it’s a Bedroom Kandi toy! Kandi asks if Kenya had “the talk” with Walter and Kenya says Walter got defensive, which made her suspicious. He’s flip flopping and Kenya is just doing some bad acting. Kandi leaves and Kenya channels her Walter anger into her “America’s Next Elderly Model” photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Gregg is laying it on thick with Nene. They have a drink out of their old wedding champagne flutes and he is working to get her back, which we know he does because the two are already back together in real time. Which begs the question, was the whole divorce story line a publicity stunt? Who the eff knows, or cares. Let’s laugh at Gregg some more. As they pack up their things to go to L.A., Gregg acts helpless so Nene will spend more time with him. That will get old real quick and Nene says “you sound…slow.” Nene whips out her silver glitter cell phone hand set and calls her real estate agent to see how the house hunting is going. They have secured a house and Gregg boasts about how proud of her he is. What a kiss ass.

Cynthia hosts a farewell Nene party and as the ladies arrive, Porsha and Kenya are snubbing one another and it’s awkward, but not as awkward as it gets when Kenya tells everyone that she gets mistaken for Beyoncé all the time. Apparently, Kenya lives in a world of visually impaired drunk people. Phaedra’s face freezes as the cheese falls off her cracker. Porsha mentions that she looks like Solange and Kandi agrees, laughs, points at Kenya, and says “sisters!” Porsha yells “Oh, don’t even, then I am emancipated from that family!” Cynthia wonders aloud, if Kenya looks so much like Beyoncé, why can’t she get her man to put a ring on it? Touché.

The men have gone off into another room and Peter wants to “get that Don Julio jumpin’ off.” Nothing good can come from this, but it should spice up this dull episode. Peter talks about the old L.A. Days when he dated Nia Long. Name drop much? Gregg wants to “be about it” and do another shot. Later, the group gathers for a toast and then Peter and Cynthia and Phaedra and Apollo get into a make out showdown.


Kenya lures Walter out to the country on a fishing date and on her first cast, she snags her hook. She gets pissed off when Walter the worm won’t help her because he doesn’t want to get his new Gucci sneakers dirty. The fishing date is a metaphor for this broke-down, fake-ass relationship. Kenya is fishing for answers and Walter just won’t take the bait. Kenya says he won’t “use his words”, so she hauls out the heavy artillery to try and tackle the problem. She brings up the Anguilla shower-gate incident, she tells him she feels “unloved”, but that doesn’t reel him in. He talks in vulgar circles for a bit, then he finally admits he feels too much pressure from her. Kenya gets pissed off and walks away with her dog Velvet. Oh Kenya, there are plenty of other actors desperate for a paycheck fish in the sea.