Good Things Come in Threes

Our final three are ready to perform fresh off of their “Hometown Hero” visits.  First round is judges choice, round two is contestant choice, and round three is none other than our resident snapping turtle, Jimmy Iovine’s, choice.

It is important to note that Randy Jackson looks like a melon ball in his orange sherbet jacket…in case you missed it:

DAWG announces judge’s choice is “I’d Rather Be Blind” for Mantasia.  Oh Mantasia, how I’ve missed that voice, it’s like butta.  But will our judges stand up so early in the show, YES!  JHO is a little slow on the take, but he gets a standing O from all three.  Steven called it “surreal”, JHO yammered on about the difficulty they had picking a song for him.  Uh, JHO have you forgotten?  Josh can sing the phone book and it would sound great.  DAWG wants to see Josh bring his talents to the modern side and give the R&B world a lift.  Would that lift be akin to a palette cleansing sorbet, DAWG?  Sidebar:  There was a Kraft commercial right after this performance that featured the same song…hmmm…coincidence or just another shameless sponsor tie in to the money making threshing machine that American Idol has become?

JHO introduces BB Chez with “My All”.  She loses points right out of the gate just because it’s a Mariah Carey song.  I did not find her to be great, she sounded a little shaky.  DAWG thought it was beautiful and she did a good job even though he agrees, Mariah should be off limits.  JHO gave her the “beautiful, beautiful” treatment, and Steven said people hang on her every note and she should get used to encores.  He tacks on his vote of confidence saying she will be the last one standing.

Dave Matthews is next and Steven announces the pick is “Beggin’”.  JHO is rockin’ out, he puts his own spin on it and I’m glad to see him do something different.  The crowd goes wild and JHO says he is “funny” because he messed with the melody.  Steven utters another phrase he learned at Promises Malibu, “when your face is in the sun, the shadows fall behind you”, and dubs him the modern day “Boss”, a.k.a., the next Springsteen.  DAWG said he is “in the zone”.

Round one concludes with a mixed review by the judges.  JHO is in Phillip’s pocket, DAWG and Steven are both on the fence.

We start round two with Mantasia and he delivers his own choice “Imagine”.  I have to say I prefer the David Archuletta version.  While Josh is always amazing, this was not my favorite performance from him.  Steven thought it was over the top, again.  JHO found it to be more controlled and she went on about his performance and his ability to “dig deep”.  DAWG asked him why he chose the song and Josh said he heard it on the radio at the last minute, and he liked the message of the song.  DAWG also loved the pull back, but we still got a little Josh at the end.

BB Chez takes the stage for round two with “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”.  All I can say is OY, a collective OY.  She is blatantly stroking Steven’s ego at this point because there was nothing great about this performance.  Steven gives her a token standing O and said she made a great song greater.  JHO points out that Steven is hyper-critical of anyone that sings his stuff, (uh not quite so Ms. Ho, shall we flash back to Lauren Alaina?) and DAWG says she is choosing some “tough hills to climb tonight”.  Overall he felt she delivered.  Eh…not so much.

Dave Matthews takes on round two with “Disease”.  It’s a classic Phillip performance, nothing extraordinary, but he gets a little snog from the blonde sax player at the end.  JHO didn’t feel the “wow”, which we need and want right now.  Steven echoes and says he doesn’t have a disease he’s got a bug, “get used to it, because you never will”.  DAWG skips around the bush for a bit and says he didn’t like it either.  He calls it subdued and he can do those things in his sleep.

Sidebar:  DAWG is making me crave some orange sherbet.

Mantasia is up for round three with “No More Drama”.  Josh is bouncing up and down too much, he is giving me a headache.  No standing O this time and DAWG starts out the critique by saying it doesn’t matter what he does, he has laid out everything he has on the stage.  JHO praises his “perfect marriage” of having control and at the same time he lets it go.  Steven called it over the top.

BB Chez gives us her round three with “I’ll Be There”.  Another okay performance and her key change in the middle was a bit odd for me.  I’m not sure what the significance of the amusement park shapes in the background is either, unless that was ordered up by Jimmy to give the feeling of “youth”.  Now if you were really paying attention, you can see Steven whisper to JHO “she changed keys twice”.  Which she did, it was all over the place.  Steven said “don’t bore us get to the chorus”.  JHO said she sounded just like Michael Jackson and DAWG didn’t love it.  He defends his position by saying it’s the end of the comp and we need a Creamsicle moment!

Dave Matthews receives his special beat box delivery from Jimmy for round three and he will sing “We’ve Got Tonight”.  Well this is a bit odd, he sounds and looks so uncomfortable, maybe it’s just me, but this is totally out of his element.  And he is clutching his left thigh for dear life.  Judges are going to either like it or hate it.  DAWG elevates his melon ball self, and Steven and JHO follow suit in the standing O.  DAWG thought it was his best performance on the show ever and he finally had a moment.  JHO thought it was sweet like a lullaby and Steven said he sang like he didn’t give a shit, which is a compliment.

We move on to results and I am just ready to get it over with.  JHO is wearing an abomination in color blocking and Steven is sporting the sorbet shades tonight.  Sorry JHO, it looked better on the runway…trust.


We start out with all three contestants already on the stools of death.  I guess technically they are the bottom three.  I don’t know why we tool around with this crap, OHRS is going to drag this out for 60 minutes we will never get back.

He summons Mantasia center stage to reflect on his performance and we get Jimmy’s reaction.  Jimmy felt round one was very good, but not his best.  It was not only not worth a standing O, but Jimmy was laying down at the time.  He felt round two was over blown and round three was missing something and Jimmy takes responsibility for song choice without melody.

We are treated to a performance by Lisa Marie Presley, which is altogether a bit dark and strange, when did she go goth?  Oh well, I’m freaked out by the performance and the fact that she was married to Michael Jackson.  Gotta give her small props, she works that miniature tambourine like nobody’s bidness.

BB Chez is called to the stage next to receive her critique.  Jimmy did not think round one came together and wasn’t enough to win.  Round two didn’t wow him either and round three was a bit of a bummer because she had to change key to sing the Michael and Jermaine parts.  There is something about Jessica that is missing for me, in the audition rounds she seemed a lot more scrappy and feisty.  She was a bit too subdued.

We are treated to a performance by Adam Lambert, who is a perfect example of how some of the losers of this competition turn out to be more successful than the winners.  Glad you’re still rockin’ it out and doin’ it your way!

Dave Matthews prepares for his Jimmy-lashing.  Jimmy enjoyed round one, but summed it up with “no harm, no foul”, which isn’t exactly a booming review.  Round two was a “snooze fest”, and he sums up round three by saying Phillip won the night.

The final three stand before the judges and OHRS asks for final words.  DAWG of course says they are the best ever, big careers in front of them.  JHO…journey… heartbreaking… connected… moment… talented… toss up.  Steven loves them all and is so proud that they have the courage to have a dream, “and if you don’t have a dream, then you can’t make a dream come true”.  WTF kinda crackerpot self-help books is he reading?

BB Chez and Phillp are the final two and my poor Josh is getting da’ boot, what the crap?!?!  He sings us out and it’s game on for the other two.  Farewell, our sweet Josh…

So who will take the competition?  Will Phillip be able to carry on without his partner in bromance?  Next week Idol is airing on Tuesday, I don’t know why they feel the need to change the scheduling now, but I guess we should all get used to it, because we never will.


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