Part two of the reunion promises to be a real doozy as Miss “Bitch Better Check My Charges” Marlo will make an appearance.  OHAC is on hand to referee the proceedings, but at this point he is about as noticeable as the wallpaper as the ladies blow open the box-o’-crazy.  Let’s hit the high points:

Cynthia’s Marriage:  We revisit Cynthia’s strained relationship with sister Malorie and it would appear the sisters are headed for divorce.  Peter joins the fun to discuss the issues and tries to pretend that his constant tormenting of Malorie is not mean spirited, but he is just “having fun with it”.  Nene weighs in and she believes Mal has crossed the line and Nene supports Peter and Cynthia’s marriage.  She can’t leave well enough alone without making it about her so she derails the conversation to focus on what the other ladies were allegedly saying about Nene and Peter flirting.  She starts up with the smalls and it goes off the rails like a crazy train.  OHAC jumps in and changes the subject.  He asks Peter what he thought about Phaedra calling him “Papa Smurf” and he thought it was “funny as hell.”  At this point, Nene should probably move on from the show and she may as well take Peter and Cynthia with her.

Strong Silent Types:  Apollo and Kroy have joined the mix and Kroy has his hair combed over like a little Dutch boy.  Kroy and Apollo don’t have much to say, they are men of few words.  They chat about this and that, but it’s a lot of talk about nothing.  OHAC asks Kroy if he watched the show or knew anything about Kim before he met her and he said he did not watch or Google Kim because he wanted a “fresh plate”.  A fresh plate o’ crazy, that is.  Kim does reveal one juicy nugget, on her new show “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding”, we will get to see Kim’s real hair.  Now if OHAC is done exploiting these two men, they would like to go back to watching paint dry.







Make no mistake…these two gents are as calm and cool as a whistle!  Hehe!

Black Baby Gate:  Kandi’s got a whole new gripe with Kim because she was offended by the fact that Kim compared watching Riley for a week to holding a baby at an orphanage.  Ha!  Take that Miss Kim, you’re not the only one who can get it twisted and flip your wig.  Kandi said that watching the “black baby” conversation between Kim and her decorator Kendra made her want to jump through the TV.  They discuss it more and She by Shereé actually apologizes for mis-con-screwing Kandi’s words.  She should have just kept her flapper shut in the first place.  While she apologizes, it wouldn’t be complete without a She by Shereé back pedal because of course she only told Kim all of this garbage about the non-existent “black baby” comment it up to protect her dear friend Kim.  She wanted Kim to know what was said about her, but bitch, it was NEVER EVEN SAID.  I have never seen a woman manipulate logic, reason, and consistency with more skill and aplomb than She by Shereé.  I am so glad she was shit-canned from the show.

Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’!

OHAC asks Nene her opinion on the “Black Baby Gate” and we arrive at a consensus that Kim doesn’t like to fly and she had the new baby.  So no, Kim would not have ultimately gone on the Africa trip, new baby, no baby, or black baby.

Pimp my Funeral:  Phaedra is in mortuary science school and she is well on her way to putting the boom in the tomb.  Phaedra discusses why she got interested in the business and Nene rolls her eyes for the 10th time because the attention is not on her.

When she walks in the room she almost owns it:  Bitch better check my charges.  Marlo arrives with her felony weave and she gets into it with Kim right out of the crazy box. 

Marlo gripes about Kim of saying Marlo uses her hole to make money.  It’s a hole lotta drama when Marlo’s response is to call Kim a whore.  Of course this would erupt when there are only three minutes left in the show!  Marlo brings up Kim and Big Papa, Kim calls Marlo an escort, and then Marlo fires back saying Kim traded in the ring from Big Papa to get the new one because Kroy couldn’t afford it.  Kim says “You’re sadly motherf*ckin’ mistaken!”

Part three promises more fighting with Marlo and her felony weave, and it looks like she is going to tangle with Kandi.

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