Wild Cards on the Table

Sidebar:  Would someone please tell JHO that leggings are not pants?  Carson Kressley would have her ass if he could see her right now.

Sidebar 2:  Why is Steven dressed like a gay swashbuckler in that hot pink ruffled number?  Oh, because he’s a f*cking rock star, that’s why.

Most of the results show is boring recap.

Judges pick Ashton to sing first.  She sings “I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Hudson.  Ashton is actually pretty good and I think she is very likeable.

Next contestant to sing for his life is our cute little Stephano.  He sings “I Need You Now.”  JHO is excited and DAWG says “good lookin’ out.”

Kendra is next up and she sings “Georgia on My Mind.”  How many times will we hear this song on this show, 987?  DAWG said it was “very nice.”

Johnny Bravo is chosen to sing next and he chooses his “Angel” song.  JHO says he “did all he could do.”  Hmm…prognosis NEGATIVE.

Naima is chosen next and Steven calls her “my own little Porgy and Bess rolled up into one.”  She sings “For All We Know.”  Her outfit choices are just hideous.  She breaks down sobbing after she finishes.

Next Peaches announces the end of the road for Ta-Tynista, Lauren Turner, Julie, and Rachel.

Last shot goes to Robbie who sings “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.”  I am quite surprised the judges picked him.

End of the road for Junebug, Johnny Bravo, Tim, and Simply Red.

JHO says judges aren’t ready with their decision, so Peaches introduces JHO’s video.  How convenient.  We are treated to the premiere of her new song “Autotune at it’s Finest.”

Judges give another chance to Ashton, Stephano, and Naima.  Looks like I am finally caught up, I will be back tomorrow with the roundup from this weeks show.


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