The show must go on…

Karen Rodriguez

JHO is a fan, because she sucked up to her and performed Selina songs.  I am not a big fan of the Spanish signing only because I feel that if you are going to live in the United States you need to learn English.

Robbie “the nose always knows” Rosen

He actually tackles an Elton song and pulls it out da’ box.  He gets thru with his anchorman hairdo and our Dawg calls him a genius.


First of all, who names their kid Tatanyistia?  Dawg says she “took a nosedive.”  I can’t even believe this girl got thru.  She is not good at all.

Tim Halperin

He makes it, and deservedly so.

Julie Zorilla

Well our little girl who is going to land Steven in Graybar Hotel makes it.  She is so excited she picks up our little elf OHRS.

Two County Dudes

OHRS mocks Scotty and sings the same song that he kept singing, which was kinda funny.  He admitted he didn’t step up for our littl cheechako.  He has a good voice, he won’t win, but someone will sign him.

John Wayne takes a dirt nap…oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Sidebar:  What’s up with the nasty, dirty, exit door.  Maybe that comes from what I do for a livin’, but damn, it needs some paint.

Johnny Bravo

I am not crazy about him, maybe it’s just me.  Judges let him thru, but we shall see.  He said he was singing on a ship, but did I not say that he sounded “Holiday Inn Express” to me?

Lauren Turner

She makes it thru, although I don’t see it.  I think I am turning into Simon Cowell.

Rachel Zevita

Her mom and grandma are hilarious.  They are flirting with OHRS.  That just ain’t right.  She makes it thru, but I am not sure about her either.  I just ended a phrase on a proposition, didn’t I?

Kendra Chantele

Forgettable.  Damn I am really turning into Simon.

Jordan Dorsey

Judges gave him a lecture on his attitude, which I am glad because he is a nitro burnin’ bitch.  He gets thru, but again, he won’t make it because of his rotten disposition.

My Little Lauren

What in the hot holy f*ck sh!t is she wearing?  Barbie boots?  But I still love her.


He makes it thru, he’s adorable and deserves it.

Jackie Wilson

She takes a dive, JHO says she “didn’t make it out of the blocks.”  Wha what?  It’s “didn’t make it out of the box.”  Duh JHO, DUH!  Jackie leaves with her silver fox.

Jacob Lusk

Dawg states that Jacob’s perf of “God Bless the Child” was the best they have heard to date on Idol ever.  I beg to differ with the Dawg, my favorite perf was Fantasia Barinio doing “Summertime.”  She blew it out da’ box.  Awww well Dawg, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.  Anyhoo, back to Jacob, Steven says “shut the front door”, well shut the front door, close the windows, and all the blinds because Jacob ROCKS.  It’s like there’s a party in his mouth and everyone’s invited.

Sidebar:  We return from commercial break and Steven says “holy crumb cakes.”  Do you even mean to begin to tell me that Steven even knows what a crumb cake is???

Pia Toscano

She gets thru and I have already watched the other two episodes, but I will save that for my later column.  She is one of my new faves,

Turret Boy

Another one of my faves.  He will also get signed no matter how he fares in the comp.  Steven says “I’ll have what he’s having.”  Then he states that James did a better job than he did on “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.  Talk about the ultimate compliment!  Then Steven says one of my favorite quotes “Go Big or Go Home.”  I think this kid is going places.

Casey Abrahms

He’s here to prove he’s “Sexy.”  Yeah well, I’m too sexy for my shirt.  He goes all “Charlie Sheen” on our ass and destroys the furniture on the stage.

Jessica Cunningham and Thia Megia

Thia gets thru and they cut Jess after her 7th audition and her birthday nonetheless.  She flips a double bird and that solidifies their decision for me.

Bret, Casey, and Colton

Bret is shaking once again like a Mexican washing machine.  Bret is the only one that makes it thru, our littl Cheechako was cute and adorable, but not ready.  Colton was good too, but apparently not good enough for our judges.

I will work on my columns over the next day or two…sorry for being late…sometimes life gets in the way.


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